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Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie is located in Wulingyuan scenic spot, adjacent to National Forest Park, glass bridge Grand Canyon, Huanglong cave, Baofeng lake, Tianzi mountain and other scenic spots.
Zhangjiajie hetianju hotel is a luxury villa style leisure resort hotel invested and built by Zhangjiajie hetianju Investment Co., Ltd., covering an area of 560 Mu and a construction area of more than 245 mu.
The first phase of the hotel has more than 200 guest rooms, with an annual reception capacity of 100000 person times; The overall design takes the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture - 'five elements' gold, wood, water, fire and earth as the starting point and main source.
The hotel has a graceful garden style air restaurant, 9 super large dining rooms with a total area of about 100 square meters, and elegant and exquisite hydrophilic courtyard western restaurant.
The conference facilities are complete, with conference rooms and banquet venues of more than 1000 square meters. The VIP reception room is equipped with 5A VIP reception room, 30 square meters high clear LED display screen and high-tech communication equipment, which can accommodate 500 people to hold meetings at the same time. It is also equipped with advanced audio-visual and audio equipment such as multimedia demonstration and conference tracking service system.
There are also 300 parking spaces, equipped with business center, lobby bar, foot bath, spa, beauty salon, chess and card room, fitness center, billiards room, table tennis room, yoga hall, outdoor tennis court, constant temperature and outdoor swimming pool and other leisure and entertainment facilities.
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FAQs when booking at Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie
  • How far is the hotel from Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport?

    Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie is 37.2km from the airport.

  • Does Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie.

  • Does Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie?

    Each costs cny128 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie?

    The room prices is from cny888, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • e02373154
    Very good hotel! I'll come again next time!
  • orvvor
    It's very good. We should stay one more night. The environment, service and rooms are very good. The food in the Chinese restaurant is also good. The recommended stewed meatballs with fir fungus are delicious and fresh. They come at the right time. They can be eaten for two months every year
  • adven168
    Very good, the room is also very large, suitable for leisure and vacation. There is free swimming and fitness in the hotel, and the breakfast is also very rich
  • e01570419
    Good environment
  • mier5932
    On the whole, it's very good. Although the downtown area of the hotel is far away, the hotel itself is a landscape with all kinds of service facilities, and it is just beside the Huanglong Cave Scenic Area. It is worth recommending
  • m00223081
    Very good. Beautiful environment, very good service attitude.
  • adricteo
    Stayed for two nights and commented.
  • nx0923
    very nice!
    Very good
  • jacoyang
    The hotel is a scenic spot. The battery car is very convenient and the service is very good, mainly because there are few people! Great??
  • e04097367
    Green mountains and green waters, birds and flowers, warm and fresh air, a place to relax. Live in the Muzhai, in the middle of the garden, be quiet; Shuizhai is adjacent to Suoxi River, and huozhai is located in the highest and deepest place, which is a tower. The Chinese restaurant tastes very good and the service is very friendly. It cooked ginger tea for the cold children and took the children to watch the giant salamander. The outdoor swimming pool is smaller, but the environment is great.
  • lenti
    The environment around the hotel is quite good. It's close to the Grand Canyon. It's recommended to live in a villa. I feel very good. The Chinese restaurant is OK. The service of the hotel staff is quite good. We went by train and made an appointment for the pick-up service. Due to the train delay, the driver waited at the station for four hours. He was so moved. The only minor defect is that the outdoor swimming pool is a little small, Everything else is great.
  • serena880212
    The hotel environment is good, but it's a little biased. It's in the mountain. But the night view is very beautiful at night.
  • e01688771
    Very quiet links, very comfortable rooms, and the four stockaded villages have their own styles. The deficiency is that the utilization rate from huozhai room to bathtub is not high, and the varieties of breakfast restaurants can be improved
  • fannyding
  • fancool
    Very good hotel, friendly service attitude
  • jessicalujie
    The environment here is excellent, the service attitude is very good and friendly, especially the comfort of the whole house is very good. I'll definitely come again next time.
  • aboami
    Listening to the bird calls in the morning and evening, the stars all over the sky at night were beautiful. We all stayed for five nights. I want to live on.
  • e01498493
    Very good, big villa, big bathtub, great
  • Colorful ~ ~ Qing Wu
    The best hotel in Zhangjiajie is a five-star hotel with a lot of people and close to the scenic spot.
  • nijian0726
    not bad
  • jimert
    The service was very good. Every employee was very attentive to providing convenience to guests, which made people feel very warm. The pick-up service and shuttle bus provided by the hotel are convenient, comfortable and cost-effective. Considering that the flights back to Shanghai are very late, they also delayed their check-out and provided humanized service.! Special thanks to tour guide Qu and master Xiang from the concierge department. Master Xiang also helped my friend find the lost mobile phone. Praise one!
  • World Laughter Tour cm
    Although it's a little far away, the environment is really good and the room is very beautiful. The service was very considerate. Basically, there was a special bus to pick you up as soon as you went out. The waiters were very polite. It's a hotel worth visiting. I really think it's good.
  • baobaoxun198
    The hotel environment is first-class and the service is first-class. The only regret is that the bathroom in Shuizhai has some peculiar smell! A great Chinese food in the hotel
  • e02829607
    I have to praise the service of the hotel. I upgraded the room. Every day, the hotel bus picked me up on time. The master who went to the airport was also very punctual. Everyone was smiling! All our requirements are met! Great hotel! The scenery, the room and the service will come again.
  • laowei81
    Good, worthy of recommendation
  • Edward
    Living in the water village villa, the environment is very good, the room is big, the holiday, the stream on the side, the children like it, if you don't consider the traffic factors, it's much better than Pullman in the city.
  • BladeXC
    The natural environment of the hotel is very good. It's close to mountains and rivers. If you don't see strange peaks, you can basically enjoy the view in hetianju. The whole hotel is set according to the orientation of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, with outstanding Chinese style. During the Spring Festival, the breakfast supply in Chinese restaurants is a little late, the variety is not complete, the cost performance is not high, the master is too busy, and the novice waiter is not very professional, which needs to be improved. Other basic satisfaction, the next meeting can consider continued support!
  • calvados123
    Super five-star environment and service, super like one
  • xingsir001
    The environment is good. Breakfast is also rich. The problem is that the sanitation of the grand five-star hotel is so careless. There are black tiles on the ground (low-grade). If you drag it casually, you can see the footprints and watermarks. There is a dead bug in the corner of the bathtub and a cockroach on the curtain. It's very uncomfortable. It's not like such a high-standard hotel
  • morning2005
    The environment and service of the hotel are quiet and comfortable!! Suitable for vacation~~~
  • Ad-Ah
    The service of the hotel is very good. When the plane was late, it was more than 10 o'clock after checking in. As it was the first time to Zhangjiajie, the customer service staff and tour guide of the hotel business center helped to arrange the two-day itinerary and vehicles in time. During the next two days, the tour guide's service was considerate and left a deep impression. Thank you, Next time I go to Zhangjiajie, I'll stay in this hotel. It's worth the money.
  • omg83
    The location of the hotel is a little biased, but resort hotels are like this. The hotel environment is very good and the service is also very good. Next time, it's best if you drive by yourself
  • Julice
  • emcallen
    The environment is good, very good overall,
  • ivy622
    It's a very good hotel. It's suitable for vacation. The rooms and restaurants are very good.
  • c309710875
    The hotel environment is first-class, the service is meticulous and considerate, and it is amazing
  • amerson
    The hotel environment and service are very good, with the style of an international resort. The only thing to make complaints about is the Korean restaurant in the hotel. Even if there is a small amount of stuff, there is only one waiter, and it is simply too busy to order the dishes for 1.5 hours. I ordered canned drinks and didn't serve them at all. The crux of the matter is that we still charge 15% of the service fee. There is no service at all! If you think business is bad and you don't want to send more waiters, you don't need to open this restaurant at all.
  • temler3995
    Yes, the details are great. I'll come to Guiyang next time
  • e00092401
    Great hotel! Absolutely the first choice for parents and children!
  • ntgsmm
    Generally OK, beautiful environment and good air
  • mars_ming
    It's really good. I like it here. It's so beautiful. I'm very happy in the hotel before I go to Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie is really a tourist resort. The surrounding hotels are so beautiful
  • jiangyu88
    The hotel environment is very good, the room is relatively large and comfortable. Garden style environment, good air, but also more mosquitoes. The breakfast in the hotel is not ideal and needs to be improved. The whole itinerary is arranged by the hotel, according to the guests' own requirements and the actual situation of the route planning. In particular, Huang Xiaojun, the tour guide, is very lovely and takes good care of us. He is like a family member and feels very intimate.
  • baffiter
    not so bad
  • wfo0291152
    The hotel is suitable for leisure and vacation. It is convenient to receive service by business car. It is convenient to go to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Huanglong cave and Baofeng lake. It is refreshing to walk around the hotel in the morning and evening
  • ccwx2050
    The hotel environment is very good, but the service is very poor! Before booking, the hotel told me that there was a free pick-up and drop off service. Before going to the hotel, they reconfirmed that there was no such service and they had to pay for it. The attitude of the staff was so bad that they said they were very busy and had no time to confirm, so they felt very bad even before they checked in. There was no specific response after they arrived at the hotel. No matter how good the environment is, what they are fighting for now is service!
  • litang
    We also stayed in Qinghe and Jinjiang. We saw a lot of smiles in hotanju! The battery car in the hotel is also awesome! Recommended Chinese restaurant, good taste, moderate price, less than 800 for 10 of us! Thank you for the delicious birthday noodles and the greeting cards you prepared in your room. My heart is warm and full of happiness! The general hygiene of the room is very good, the details need to be strengthened! No serious cleanliness addiction, recommend to move in! Next time I go to Zhangjiajie, I will live in hetianju!
  • fuxubo73
    What a nice hotel! Good service! Good environment! Good facilities! It's worth recommending!
  • beer!
    Zhangjiajie scenic spot is full of people during the golden week of national day, and they don't want to enjoy the scenery at all. However, when they come to hetianju, the world becomes quiet. There are few people, quiet and the environment is excellent. Because there are some problems with the room in the huozhai, the hotel upgrades to the wooden village free of charge. When the room is very tight, the hotel is very busy, I also upgraded my friend's room to a wooden village. I'm really satisfied
  • guofen
    The hotel is great. The environment is very good. Every morning, I get up to listen to birds and feel happy. Highly recommended
  • doutaotao
  • liewsiewfoong
    The environment is very good, very quiet and the service is very considerate
  • sydlyf
    A warm, elegant and quiet hotel is inlaid between mountains and rivers. Negative ion direct explosion table!!!
  • canoewang
    The hotel environment is very good. It's a Muzhai villa. The room has floor heating. The room is very warm all night
  • e01850820
    The hotel is still far from the five-star standard. The Chinese restaurant has high prices, average food quality, low cost performance and good breakfast. The hotel is far away from the scenic spot. Although the hotel has a free shuttle bus to and from the park gate and the hotel, it has few shifts and is not very convenient. It is more suitable for self driving friends. Xiao Wang (Xiao ting) tour guide arranged by the hotel is serious and responsible. Thank you! The waiters in the hotel were very friendly.
  • psm5951
    The bathroom in the room has a great smell and is not user-friendly. The toilet paper rack is close to the ground, which is very inconvenient. There is no place to hang clothes, which wastes such a large bathroom
  • fairy2009wang
    Good environment and facilities, suitable for vacation!!!
  • cx723
    Good, 98 points!
  • BABY888
    as smart as a new pin
  • laobeide
    It is said that it is the best hotel in Zhangjiajie. The environment is very good, quiet and private! The green car in the hotel is on call, very convenient! There are a lot of insects in the mountains.
  • e00032477
    ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???..?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ??, ?????? ??....
  • edwardel
    Very good. I like it very much. It's suitable for vacation.
  • jessi9
    Compared with the water village, I prefer the wooden village, the water village room is too big and too high, with skylight, a little empty; The interior of the cottage is more compact. The service of the hotel is very good. I've been to both Western and Chinese restaurants. The raw materials of the food are very good and the taste is good. Of course, the price is not cheap. Many facilities of the hotel are still improving, such as Jinzhai, huozhai, tuzhai, spa hall, tennis court, swimming pool, etc. The hotel is very close to Huanglong Cave Scenic Area, 20 minutes drive from Wulingyuan ticket office of National Forest Park, and further away from Huangshi village ticket office of Forest Park.
  • cwc00193
    The service of this hotel is excellent, but there is a lack of facilities and house cleanliness. The luxury big bed room of Shuizhai villa where I live still has a peculiar smell. This is very uncomfortable because I have changed my room twice in three days. For various reasons, I don't bother to propose to the front desk to avoid changing rooms again. Mr. Cheng Shaoping should specially comment on the general manager's assistant. He is very considerate of the guests and learned that we are working and studying today Xiao Xie of the Academy specially came to listen to opinions. Such a sense of service is very good
  • Bunnymaggie
    The living environment is first-class, but the food is worse.
  • B737B737
    Very good, very good service, very close to the scenic spot.
  • margiemargie
    Great service, good environment, a little far from the scenic spot
    Good. The room is beautiful and big
  • to-a-dy
    Great environment, worth a night