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The Harmona Resort & Spa Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie Hetianju Dujia Jiudian) is located inside Zhangjiajie National Tourism Area,  just a short walk from the core Wuling scenic area,  and boasting easy access to Longwang Cave and the Grand Canyon. The hotel's unique architecture that combines traditional Chinese design with post-modern surrealism ensures that guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience.[View Detail]    

住客评论 883条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • bjtcb
    Best hotels in Zhangjiajie environment is very good
  • e00992767
    Good! nice!, wood, fire and Earth! five buildings! great!
  • e02984973
    Great hotel, service is great, and warm, this cold weather here is the best! very satisfied!
  • junjun881108
    Outside the hotel to eat, poor performance, others are OK.
  • inycui
    Environment of the hotel is great!
  • arsenalxinxin
    Overall nice hotel outside and inside of the room needs improvement
  • Dr Reddy
    Environment is good is somewhat partial, main caught up with has rain, breakfast is Rod, varieties is rich, let I surprise of is actually also has steak, dinner in Chinese Office eat of, we points has a blood cake duck, also not know is no fresh duck has also is wants to deliberately flickers we, actually end Shang a pot brine duck plus a circle blood cake, is funny, also said they here blood cake duck is so do of, we certainly not recognize, also is waiter tho of to we for has road dish
  • e00038058
    Nice hotel, fully equipped, clean and suitable for family vacation.
  • beer!
    National Gold week to of Zhangjiajie scenic, everywhere are is people, fundamental Centerless appreciate landscape, but came to Wo field home, world about on quiet down has, people less, quiet, environment Super rod, due to zhiqian set of that between fire Zhai of room some problem, hotel free upgrade to wood Zhai, in room is tension of situation Xia, also will and I peer of friends of room together upgrade to has wood Zhai, really of too satisfaction has
  • cl20310153
    Environment, room facilities are complete, but the bathroom with WC has great room for improvement. toilet does not exhaust this is absolutely unacceptable, and one toilet, another 30 minutes?! Too ridiculous!
  • LovingCat
    All right
  • bwang2011
    Hotel is great, very harmonious new, breakfast, facilities, room facilities are good, great, away from Wu Ling landscaped close ... highly recommended
  • fu__yun
    A very good environment, but afternoon tea voucher does not offer.
  • dina_524
    Too comfortable, stay one more night
  • doreimi
    A good environment, good service, as the resort is appropriate; service to guests traveling between the different sectors of information there is a small problem, easy for guest several coordinating various departments calls, but problems are solved, hope hotel can do better.
  • libiya
    Very good! high praise
  • eve989
    Very satisfied with the good good good
  • gigglecoral
    Hotel is very good, free room upgrade, just to feel there is no shuttle bus got lost. restaurant taste, but super expensive
  • e03698519
    Is satisfaction this hotel, even live has four late. Qian two days first set of, hotel free rose has level, Hou two days and continued has. balcony looked out is beauty. the aspects are good. just recommends bathroom increased hanging towel and clothes of linked. balcony bathtub because bug too more didn't dare with, but hotel is located in mountain also normal, views good is didn't said of. worth recommended!
  • cindylin061573
    Hotel was built in 14, very clean, the scenery is also very good, and there is an outdoor swimming pool, beautiful is far away from the area, the hotel's food is good
  • bunnypy
    Inside the hotel is very beautiful, from the area are also very close, and the hotel also has car sent to the gate of the scenic area, which is very convenient.
  • offside
    Self-driving yard, nice, next time a Shui Zhai
  • e01087374
    Environment is very good
  • lilingyuan
    Nice hotel but too eco-to open the balcony door flew in a bunch of Jason Huang. parking to the hotel lobby before no one is welcome, very odd. balcony off the lounge chair, sorry. the hotel complimentary fruits taste good, breakfast environment and taste fine, slightly worse than the Pullman.
  • jiongnian
    Environment is too beautiful, although isolated points, but there is shuttle bus to and from attractions. compared with big-name international chain is less professional, but more humane.
  • cx723
    Well, 98!
  • guyujun11
    Very good hotel infrastructure also needs further improvement should set out a reminder to turn off a balcony or back will have the mosquito
  • cs19821
    Staying wood Zhai Villa room, room is big, facilities is good, hotel landscape is beautiful as Xanadu, a to hotel on think selected on has, most worth praised of is hotel of service, shuttle machine are is business car is comfortable, driver attitude is good, especially Li Yimin driver. Hotel away from scenic about 15 minutes car drive Hotel one day four class of shuttle Shuttle, without worried travel. encounter Hotel General Manager Feng Zong with share has hotel of feel, understand has hotel of origin, anyway thisIs a software and hardware are all very excellent hotel, would recommend to a friend family!
  • lonsto
    All right
  • eddie_lv
    Environment, good breakfast, restaurant service and the great, room is not good, can be improved!
  • caiyulan60
    Hotel beautiful than attractions staff every smile in place big eat a full breakfast in addition is not convenient for transportation other total full marks! recommended pool bring swimsuits: Oh!
  • sebastiane
    Great resort
  • laowei81
    Good, recommended
  • yaoxingwuye
    That's good
  • liumingru
    Hotel facilities are very good, because this afternoon, originally did not come out of the room, lobby Manager beauty helps us to free upgrade of the room immediately, and services
  • e01119884
    Very nice hotel, service is also very good, take the initiative to the check-out time until six o'clock in the afternoon to provide airport transfer
  • gdjmyjc
    A very good environment, hotel service, suitable for self-driving tour!
  • jy01820840
    Vest into a room, call was not found, also wore the previous night, really depressing?
  • lijun5309210
    Yes, kids loved it.
  • jps612
    Environment of the hotel is very good, mountain, wood, fire and Earth arrangement, I have chosen the Stockade, two-story Villa, room was quiet enough, the service was professional, the latter immediately decided to stay for another two days, Chinese giant salamander taste good, food buffet is also good in the morning. Special thanks to hotel travel guide-Ting, reasonable route plan so that we are in the same time and under physical effort to get more views, warm smile and the child careWarmth of care make us feel like family, along the way-ting explains very professional, very thoughtful. To stay here next time!
  • liming0608
  • e00911002
    Hotel in a beautiful environment, suitable for family outings, near many attractions, convenient, featured Hotels Hotel Guide Qu Li, was patient, reasonable arrangement to avoid the travel peak congestion problems, 10 o'clock, we must eat crayfish, she patiently to buy us back, strongly recommended!
  • liuer
    Hotel is beautiful, very suitable for family vacation
  • andreygao
    Hotel is great, kids love, a bit late today, tomorrow is going to swim, hotel Haagen-Dazs did not eat, going to try tomorrow, good
  • e01899232
    Don't say it good, rooms were very good, super star is said to be well,
  • AR TüV Rheinland
    Internal environment of the hotel is beautiful, very quiet, for a vacation and driving, staff enthusiasm.
  • Piter
    I feel pretty good! a friend recommended
  • juliet1974
    Very good for friends and family to play, good hotel service, due to gather farther to provide electric vehicles, is very good, recommended
    Hotels are feeling, even in a hotel for three days out around the hotel is very beautiful, this time staying at Hotel by fire-walled to upgrade free of charge to the Stockade
  • Lumeigaohuo
    A very suitable for self-driving tour of hotel, very pleasant, in the scenic area, the layout of the hotel was good, the rooms are large, service is good, whether reception restaurant room service very good. the hotel sent tour guides are also very good. overall is a very good tourist resort hotel ... only downside is when work is not fine.